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Rate this Article The Tanki X Garage is there for a reason. Knowing how to use the various tank upgrades and options available to you can make or break your tank and career as a Tanki X tanker.
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Once you start playing a game like Tanki X, you will find out that there is more to it than just slugging your way through the battlemap and trying to blow up every single enemy tank you encounter. The game itself is so addictive if you happen to be a shooter type gamer that it would literally gobble up hours of your time per battle, you’d only notice it once your back or eyes start hurting.

There are many factors in the game that can make or break a successful tanker and one of the most important is of course…your tank.

For where would a tank crew be without their tank. Tanki X is all about tanks so you won’t find anybody running around the warzone carrying a Light Anti-Tank Weapon or Panzerfaust for that matter. So once you leave the garage, you should be confident enough that your tank can withstand or at least survive the harsh environment you will be thrown into.

First off you will need game credits to purchase the needed options for your beast of war. Credits or diamonds can be earned through experience and a lot of grinding, but where would the fun be if you don’t go through that. Besides, the game throws in a bonus here or there every now and then giving you a chance to progress through the scale.

If you’ve migrated from Tanki Online, chances are you already know the score. At it’s core, Tanki X is an updated version of the former and the gameplay is so similar though the enhancements in Tanki X does show the advantages in game-play. The garage option however is almost no different. The look and feel is really cool but the decisions you have to make would be almost the same for both games.

Tanki X Garage

The game has several options for your tank. Let’s start with the turret. This is your fire-power. However, though a much powerful cannon may deliver a one-man-punch devastating effect, it is not for everyone. Remember that your opponents are also upgrading their armor and a cannon that slowly drains their plates from a tactical position may be more useful than a head on blast of bravado that will get you killed instead.

You will have to adjust your cannon according to your fighting style. If you prefer a head on attack, you will need a weapon that really gobbles up armor plates for lunch. You however must be well plated yourself. The first option would be the Firebird of flamethrower. Hit him at the front, hit him at the back or sides and he’s gonna burn. It’s the same with the Freeze turret that will turn him into ice, fast.

Other good front hitters would be the short range Hammer that really packs a wallop and the Isida with it’s deadly electrical charge. Isida equipped tanks are a relief during team play like CTF or TDM if they happen to be your friend and team-mate. They can repair your tank with that charge instead of blowing you up.

For short to mid range attacks you can make use of the Twins (Twin bolt cannons), the Vulcan machine gun and the Ricochet (bolt canon) that does just that, ricochet your bolts so you can hit enemies taking cover behind walls. The Vulcan is really powerful but takes some effort to master as it has to spin before firing and the delay can give your opponent to land his powerful shots on you. However, your bullets can literally cut his armor to shreds. The twins is awesome if you know how to exploit it’s continues rate of fire. The canons do the least damage but since there are 2 of them hitting at the same time, the drain on the plates will be fast and if you’re being pummeled by them, and you can’t retaliate or get out of the way fast, you’ll probably find yourself re-spawning at the other side of the map.

From mid to long range, the Rail-gun would be an ideal choice but it takes time to recharge the thing. The Vulcan does fine and the thunder works like the hammer as long as your opponent is at s distance from you. Using it close range will inflict damage on your tank as well but it does pack a lot of boom.

If you want to hit the enemy from afar, the Shaft would be your best bet. The tank version of the sniper rifle, this gun paints your opponent at a great distance. You’ll actually see a red or blue line if you are being targeted by a sniper tank. Many tanks seem just to blow up without any enemy in sight so one must always be alert for this sniper tanks from afar. They are however ill equipped to handle close quarter combat. Chances are, there will always be really pissed hunters for this kind of tanks and they will hunt them down.

Twin Bolt Turret Tank

Ah… paints. If you can walk the walk and talk the talk, might as well look the look. The basic paints are cheap but most of them are the single variety color. A few simple combat designs have been thrown in to spice things up. Of course you can remain with the basic Prodigy default skin but sooner or later you may really find the necessity to change the look of your tank not just for being groovy but for practical purposes as well. After all camouflage does have it’s advantages. Be prepared however to spend if you really want to have that unique appearance limited only to a few and yourself.

Hulls, that which is and which drives your tank. Hulls can be classified as light, medium and heavy but for the sake of simplicity, let’s just separate them into two classes. Light means small, less armor but fast, and heavy means big, a lot of plating but slow. Again, this will depend on your fighting style. Do you wanna be a big brute that charges from the front or are you a scout type that loves the hit-and-run? Remember that there are maps with a lot of tight places that kind of act like choke-points if you’re playing FPS and you may not have the space to initiate your tactical maneuvers. So, decide on how you’re gonna play it out and choose your hull.

Lights include the Wasp, Hunter and Hornet hulls. Again your tank may be light but it may also be wide. Another factor to consider is if you’re too small, the big tanks will bully you. They will push you off cliffs, push you off flag stands or simply push you out of the way. Your plus would be your speed and stealth. Should you choose the way of the Tiny Tank, make use of the upgrades available in the garage. Always upgrade hull and turret when you can, as this will lengthen the combat life of your tank. Pack supplies like double armor…well, double everything. Yes, you’ll blow up sooner or later but at least it will take a little longer.

Heavies, slow, big and take a little longer to blow up. Good against other heavies and Tiny Tanks who forget they’re Tiny and try to do a head-on Kamikaze attack. However, if Tiny Tank has a BFG, you’re likely to get screwed and size doesn’t matter. Heavies include the Viking, Mammoth, Titan and Dictator. Again upgrade, upgrade and upgrade. If the Teeny Whinnies are packing up on supplies, never underestimate them. Do the do and pack them too. After all, you may find yourself in a fight where he who packs the most, wins the game.

Finally supplies, these costs credits so it’s really understandable if you can’t pack them all. However, do your best to have the important ones or the ones you use most at hand to bail you out during tight situations. You can’t always rely on the ones being air dropped on the field. You can pack up on Repair Kits, Double Armor plates. Speed Boosts and mines. Believe it or not, mines are very useful. You can get away with blowing up your opponent without firing a single shot. If you can tactically drop this mines at the right spots during a fight, boom! There goes your opponent with a question mark on his oe her face.

Regardless of which options you use to spice up your tank, it would always be best to use that which is most comfortable and effective for you. Experiment and find the right combination. Don’t mind loosing and being at the bottom of the list after each game. You will have to gradually upgrade as a Tanker in Tanki X and so will your tank. The garage is there for a purpose. Choose the right combination for the right game. What may be really effective in TDM may be a bummer to use in CTF. Only with experience will you know what and what not to use. Good luck and again, may the best tank win.

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