How to Maximize the Use of Supplies in Tanki X

Rate this Article In order to have an upper edge over your opponents in Tanki X, your tank needs to be equipped with some useful supplies. This article discusses the strategies that you can use in order to utilize your limited supplies more efficiently in the battle field. Tanki X Fans - How to Maximize the Use of Supplies in Tanki X

Tanki X is a great online vehicular combat game that involves tanks equipped with the most lethal turrets. In order to survive in the most competitive battle modes of this vehicular combat game, your tank needs some beneficial supplies. Without the proper supplies, your tank is like a deer walking amongst a group of crocodiles, inviting destruction upon itself.

These supplies include a huge variety of beneficial items for your tank’s survival. For example, a repair kit can restore your tank’s energy up to 2000 HP and can extinguish the fire on your turret. A double armor supply can increase your damage resistance twice for a limited time and a speed booster can help you evade your enemies quickly and much more.

In order to put these supplies to good use, you need to keep the following strategies in mind. Firstly, don’t ever use your supplies in haste. Yes, it may seem tempting to use your supplies in the beginning and eliminate the enemy tanks to get your hands on those shiny crystals, but this move can backfire later in the battle. This is why you should always use your supplies as close to the flag as possible in order to make sure you can complete the objective for your team.

Moreover, if the flag is being guarded by a tank that has a freeze turret, it is better to just steer clear of that supply bag. The freeze gun will eventually slow down your tank and your supplies will expire, leaving you defenseless in the war zone.

Death matches include everybody fighting for themselves in order to win as much crystals as they can. In such a scenario, it is better to keep the use of supplies to a minimal. If you are constantly hiding behind the power of your supplies and are causing trouble for the opponents, an alliance is likely to be formed against you. So it is better to stay away from the supplies and fight normally as compared to being cornered by dozens of tanks ready to explode your vehicle into bits.

As these supplies cost crystals to be used, chances are, you can run low on those crystals. Don’t worry though, because these supplies are constantly being dropped in the battle maps with a parachute. The best move is to stay closer to the drop zones in order to get your hands on the fresh incoming supplies to strengthen your defenses and eventually, offences too.

To sum it up, the supplies in Tanki X are as important for your tank as oxygen for a human being. Without them, you are like a hot meal served in front of your hungry opponents. This is why, it is always better to develop a strategy in order to maximize the use of your limited supplies in Tanki X.

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