Gold Boxes in Tanki X

Rate this Article There is this special box that when it para-drops on a Tanki X map, almost everyone in the game wants to have it. Let’s take a close look at this box and why it’s so important. Tanki X Fans - Gold Boxes in Tanki X

One of the thrills of playing Tanki X and its predecessor Tanki, is the much awaited blare of the warning siren that signals that a Gold Box or several of them will soon be dropped on the game map. Whenever you get to watch those old WW2 movies, try to remember what an air raid alert siren sounds like because that’s what you’re going to hear. Fortunately in the game, it’s not bombs that are going to drop but those boxes full of goodies every Tanki X tanker would want for him or herself.

A Gold Box or goodies box will para-drop anywhere within the map, as to where exactly, nobody really knows as the location is randomly chosen. These are not your supply caches of repair, armor or speed boosts that have specific locations marked within the map. They will always para-drop there whenever they do drop but those boxes of goodies, lucky you if you see one coming down near or beside you.

If it happens that you’re not the only tank in sight, be ready for a fight. When it comes to Gold Boxes, there are no allies or team mates (except if the tanker next to you happens to be a nice and generous fellow or friend) as most of the time, everybody within reachable distance will fight their way to grab those goodies from the sky.

A Gold Box is basically a bonus cache that contains 1000 crystals and/or other perks. One can purchase a lot within the game with 1000 crystals as the mad scramble for it is quite understandable. However, these are dropped at random during the game and chances are it might not drop at all. A special garage feature called Gold Box Supply can be used to call a Gold Box drop during the game but then again, one never knows when this feature will be available via the Tanki X garage. Once you hear the Gold drop siren, you usually have 30 seconds before you have to check the horizon and the sky.

There are a lot of tankers who take Gold Box para-drops very seriously and really do go hunting for them. As it is a random event, it is always a chance that they are waiting for. After all, chancing on a drop of multiple Gold Boxes at a certain location means a lot of in-game cash. Whether those goodies drop near you or at a distance, there are certain steps one can follow to increase the chances of catching the box. Note however that if you see a bunch of tanks already waiting below the para-dropping goodies box, if you don’t have a large tank to push your way through or a very light tank to jump and snare the box before anyone else, just wait for the next one as chances are, there will be another drop if you keep on playing the game.

So, let’s go hunting.

The gold boxes will usually para-drop at the middle of the map, but not always. It may drop at your base, your opponent’s base, at the edges of the map or even somewhere where nobody can reach. At this point, you should at least be ready if you really want to go after it. This means having the right tank for the job.

This Box Is Mine

As you might reach the location of the drop where the other tanks are converging on to snag the box, having the biggest and meanest tank will definitely be a plus. Both the Titan and Mamoth hulls can do the trick but the Dictator would be the best at this point. A Dictator tank will likely have enough armor and weight to survive the blast from other tanks as well as the height to reach the box first. Be warned however that the other tanks will pinpoint you as they know you have the biggest chance of pushing your way to snatching the box.

A light hull like the Wasp coupled with either a Smokey, Hammer or Thunder turret. The objective is to either jump or climb up on the other tanks and grab the box. Those 3 turrets have strong recoil and fast reload. Move forward then abruptly backward then fire your cannon. Chances are, the front of your tank will be raised upwards because of the recoil. Immediately move forward to climb the tank in front of you (which you just fired on) and keep running above the other tanks to snag the box. Aside from the Wasp, you can also use the Hornet or any other light to medium hulled tank.

There are other ways or turret and hull combinations that you can use to snag those Gold Boxes as each tanker always has a few tricks up his sleeve. There are however some things though that you have to keep in mind to again increase your chances of getting it first.

Always have double armor before rushing into the mob. Having repair kits to use while in the middle of it will keep you from blowing up too early. Resist the temptation to be the first in getting right under the dropping box (unless you’ve got the hull and the armor} as your opponents will pinpoint you and your allies will try to push you away from the box.

There are gold box markers scattered through the map but unlike supplies, you never know if the box will drop there. Some tankers have a habit of parking on top of the markers to hide it and take their chances of the box dropping there, just like parking on the enemy flag base to snatch the flag when it turns up, if it turns up.

There are also others who would initiate a self destruct (never mind the lost point) before running for the box to be able to have a fresh start, apply drugs, armor, speed and any advantage to get the gold.

Whatever way or tactic you choose when it comes to getting the Gold Boxes as the situation presents itself, is entirely up to you. Just always be ready for it, and may the best tank win!

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