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Rate this Article Tanki X is a great vehicular combat game that involves the latest tanks and the heaviest fire power. With the options to customize every part of your ride, this MMO is clearly the most entertaining tank warfare game out there. Get to know the amazing features Tanki X has to offer in this article. Tanki X Fans - Tanki X for Newbies

New to the vehicular combat genre? Tanki X is the perfect tank combat game for you to start your gaming career. This article discusses everything there is to know about this online game.

Tanki X gives the players complete freedom in customizing their rides and to transform them into fire breathing beasts on the battle field. The first customizing option includes the turret of the tank. With a huge variety of turrets, each varying in their rotational speed, load time, energy consumption, damage and range, you can transform your tank into a weapon of mass destruction.

Similarly, the hull of the tank also comes in a huge variety of option each having their own significance due to the difference in their speed, HP, acceleration and weight. The best part about Tanki X is that everything is unlocked and all you have to do is spend some blue crystals to get your tank customized the way you want.

Tanki X also offers color options for the tank to confuse your opponents with your camouflage. The tanks come in the color green, white and coal. Green is beneficial in maps with a lot of greenery in it, white are used in snowy maps, whereas the coal color is perfect for night battles.

You can also equip your tank with a load of supplies that include a repair kit capable of restoring your ride’s HP, double armor that can double your damage resistance for a limited time, speed boosters and much more. You can either purchase these supplies before the match or you can collect them during the battle at various drop zones.

Tanki X features some of the most addicting game modes. The “Death Match” involves players fighting on their own. Similarly, team matches include “Capture the Flag”, “Team Death Match” and “Control Points”.

Operating your tank is quite fun. Use the arrow keys to control the tank’s movement while the mouse controls the movement of the turret. Adjust the aim and shoot by a simple click of the mouse at your enemies. Tanki X features real life physics and offers a real life tank riding experience to the players.

Tanki X also includes a really cool ranking system. Start from a mere recruit and go on exploding enemy tanks to become the mighty Generalissimo. The game also features e-sports competitions that involve clan championships, online world cups, leagues and much more.

When it comes to the graphics of the game, you will not be able to tell whether it is a game or a real life video. That’s how good the visuals in Tanki X are. With realistic maps and highly detailed tanks combined with a real life physics engine, Tanki X offers a great game play experience to the players. The sound effects and the background music make the game all the more addicting.

You can also purchase as much blue crystals as you need from the in-game store using premium cash.

Tanki X is a unique vehicular combat game complete with a huge variety of customization options and a realistic game play. Don’t wait much and start playing Tanki X with your online friends today.

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