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Every once in a while, a game comes out online that draws in the attention of many and builds up its popularity over a period of time. Released as a beta in 2009 by AlternativaPlatform, a Russian based game development group, Tanki Online grew to be one of the best loved and played games online. The games advantage was in having a community of enthusiast and players who gave constant feedback and suggestions at improving the game. From 2009 to date, constant improvements and the additions of features was implemented in Tanki Online.

With the game being around for about 7 years, Tanki players have reached into the number of millions as special online events and tournaments takes place every now and then. Despite this ongoing popularity, the game has seen better days in the form of fresh updates and developments. Running on a web browser and created with Flash, despite the fast and immersive game play which made it so popular, the game’s features have become somewhat outdated and in need of an upgrade.

Tanki X was released recently online in beta form and can only be played by submitting a request via the developer’s website. Once invited to participate, the game can then be downloaded and played using a special key code which is sent to the participant.

Due to still being in the beta stage, some of the game features found in the original Tanki have yet to be implemented into this new version of the game. Also, just like the original game, Tanki X will have to go through the continual development phase based on community and player inputs regarding operability and quality of the game. Let’s take a look at Tanki, the game itself and how Tanki X has been developed so far as to be the advanced reincarnation of the original game.

Tanki Online Interface

As with both games, you will have to start at the garage. This is equivalent to your character creation screen where you can customize your game avatar which in this case is your tank. Tanki Online sports a segmented window-like garage. Your tank is displayed in a small window that continually rotates the view while you choose your customization options like Turrets, Hulls, Paints, etc.

Your tank immediately displays the options that you choose. Like for example when you choose a different Hull from the one you currently have, whether it is already currently in your inventory (the hull you start with) or you still have to acquire it with in-game crystals. You simply point-click and drag the selection at the bottom to see what choices you have. The graphics are kind of static but cool by 2009 standards.

Tanki X Interface

The garage of Tanki X is a far cry from its predecessor. There are no more segmented windows and the Tank is right smack in the middle of the garage. Menus and options are displayed as buttons and the selections at the bottom look more like superimposed images, the kind you see in Augmented Reality applications and games. The tank is just awesome and the text descriptions are much clearer to read.

After customizing your tank, you move on to the Battle menu which shows you the rooms and servers that you can join. The list will show the name of the map, the number of players in that map and the kind of game mode being run. This would either be Capture the Flag, DeathMatch or Team DeathMatch. Choose the battle you wish to join then click the Play button to be transported into the middle of the fray.

Your tank will spawn at a random location on the map. The maps in Tanki are very well made and provide a lot of opportunities to learn and apply tactical maneuvers especially when you are up against tanks which are bigger, faster, more armored and pack more firepower than your own tank. The sounds are good and appropriate for a tank combat game with lots of engine noise and battle explosions. Graphic-wise, it would still be cool by 2009 standards.

Tanki Online gameplay

Again, Tanki X will start to convince you once again that it is indeed the current day rejuvenation of this old 2009 classic. The map alone looks like it’s been taken out from a cartoon version of Battlefield and so does the tank. All that’s missing are the soldiers running around. Again, the map presents a lot of opportunity for tactical game play and the environment, like the streets, buildings and ramps, as well as the tanks are very detailed.

There are also more sound effects present and the engine sounds change distinctly when the tank goes into acceleration. Another added feature in Tanki X is the tank animations. In this game, your tank (and even the others) will display certain animations like when firing the gun, there’s a recoil animation. Even when your tank falls of a ledge or ramp and lands upside down, the tank threads continue to roll until your tank self-destructs.

Tanki X gameplay

With these points in mind let us remember that Tanki X is still in Beta and will definitely improve as time goes by. But, if you are really in a hurry to try out one of the most addictive tanker slugfest there is online and can’t wait until Tanki X goes into Open Beta, well, you could get yourself registered at Tanki Online (Free2Play). Never mind the old outdated graphics, just give it a shot and play. Chances are you’ll play again tomorrow... and the day after that... and so on. It’s that good!

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