Tanki X: Tactics and Combat Strategies

Rate this Article Doing combat in Tanki X is swift and decisive. Knowing how to play smart can tip the balance in your favor and help avoid hours of gameplay frustration. Tanki X Fans - Tanki X: Tactics and Combat Strategies

In a game like Tanki X, quick thinking, alertness and fast keystroke reflexes would be an ideal player requirement. Unfortunately, not all of us have the training or even making of an eSports Pro.

Most people who play online are either students or working professionals who would rather spend their spare time playing a game like Tanki X.

Playing games online will take your time and as they say, time is precious.

So, in order not to waste that precious time, it would be advisable that one has to start playing smart. Just like working smart, playing smart will save you hours of fruitless frustration and the angst feeling towards the unfair advantages of your opponents.

However, to play smart, one must know how to exploit one’s strengths and weaknesses in order to cancel out whatever advantages your opponent has, level the playing field and gain the upper hand. That is the purpose of tactics.

Tanki X Tactical

Tactics is something you have to use right at the moment as you and the enemy tank try to blow each other up. Usually, this can be gained by experience and no one will always succeed with the same tactic all the time. Your opponents are people and they are observing your moves just as you observe them. But then again, playing smart is the name of the game and it would be wise to remember a few key ideas you can employ which could land you the score instead of your enemy in the heat of battle.

Tactics differ for different situations and playing with a team or going it alone in DM which will require you to think and act accordingly. Sometimes it is easier when fighting solo as you do not have to worry about your team and have to play in accordance with them as a group.

When alone, stack up on supplies and armor. Be on the look out for the air drops but be wary as there are those who will use them as bait to get to you. If you have a light and fast tank, employ hit and run tactics. Wait for them to become busy with each other then close in and hit them from the side or back then get away as fast as you can.

Do not linger in the same area after a kill. Your opponent will re-spawn and will instinctively look for you there to get even. Use stealth as much as possible, lie and wait camper style then attack when they least expect it. Be careful though as experienced tankers are alert and can outmaneuver you despite being ambushed and you might be startling a tank much much bigger than you.

Don’t be afraid to turn and run if you still can. All is fair in love and war. Master the art of laying mines. In their intent to kill you, most tankers will not notice you dropping these stealth explosives. You’ll just hear the boom at your rear as you head full speed for cover plus you get the score. If your tank isn’t built for brute force, try to avoid frontal confrontation with the bigger ones as much as you can. These bigger tanks will take several hits before they blow up so let others hit them first before you fire the final shot.

In DM, having a light, fast but highly upgraded tank is preferable than a fully armored but slow juggernaut. Speed is the one factor that can greatly determine the outcome. Tactics can only help you so much as there is still no replacement for hard earned combat experience. Using them however, can shorten the time needed to learn the ins and out of the game.

A Tactical Attack in Tanki X

The snipers are a dread to go up against as they can accurately blow you up at a distance. They will however find it a little difficult in DM mode as everybody is searching and hunting for everyone. There are maps however which when used in team play, give the sniper tank the most kill ratio as the enemy tanks have to approach from a distance and can be picked-off one by one.

In cases like this, when you see that red or blue tracer lining up for a shot, find cover and freeze. You’ll have to play cat and mouse and wait for the perfect moment to scamper out of his line of sight. This usually happens when someone else attracts his attention. These guys love to snipe from high or elevated places so head towards ground level and move towards the bugger from there.

Having a team to contend with in DM is another thing. Not everyone has access to a team-speak server or option and using the in-game chat can be a drag especially when you have lag or you just can’t take your hands of the controls to type a message. It takes but a few seconds and those few seconds of distraction is enough for the enemy to catch you off-guard and blow you up. In Tanki X, things happen very fast during combat.

You need to support your team so you can use hit and run as well as the other basic tactics presented here. Teamwork is a necessity that’s why teams that always win have a group of members who can somehow communicate with each other and work together. Baiting is common which can lead to the baited tank ambushed before he knows it. Sometimes, when a group of your teammates are hitting the enemy all at once on s particular location, better stay-off at a distance on alert mode and wait for the outcome. Move in on any enemy survivors and take them out. Be wary, enemies might double back and hit you from behind.

Hiding or camping is okay but do it to support your team. Pay no attention to those who play for themselves and grief their teammates. You’ll just notice sooner or later the team Isidas will avoid healing them. Use your mines to blow up the enemy. If ever, your teammates will just drive over them with no effect. Also, when a teammate fires at you repeatedly, chances are he’s trying to get your attention and has no other way to tell you that. Don’t be offended, it simply means… Hey Dude, follow me!

Capture the flag is like TDM but your team needs to keep bringing that enemy flag back to base to win the round. Many tankers will camp by the enemy flag re-spawn point or even on top of it to be the one to bring home the bacon. It’s ridiculous since a lot will bump and hit each other just to be the one who scores. It’s up to you but supporting the flag bearer back to Mama will also gain you points when the team wins.

Should you need the points, lay-and-wait nearby (preferably hidden) for a chance to snatch the flag. Don’t be an asshole. Two things can happen, the enemy can return and deal with the flag waiters or if a single flag waiter sitting on the flag re-spawn gets distracted and moves off as the flag re-appears, execute a fast grab and drive fast back to Mama with that smirk on your face.

You’re in luck if somebody nice enough is there to escort you on the way home. If however you’re alone, you will need to use stealth and speed. If you see your flag point populated by the enemy, you’ll have to wait for a chance when they get dispersed. Avoid main routes but be wary of hunters. If you get cornered there’s nothing you can do. You’ll have to wait for the next chance.

There are a lot of other tactics that you can use in the game. Some you will have to find out on your own and will depend on your game playing skills and the resources that you have at hand. There are even tankers who will parkour their tanks on the roof of buildings but a word of caution, if you are not that skilled in tank acrobatics, maybe just avoid it. You might end up upside down with no course but to detonate yourself and loose a point doing so. Lucky you if a team mate stops by and makes an effort to successfully get you upright and running once again.

So whatever tactics you learn and employ, try to practice it if possible. Patience and playing smart will help you level up through the ranks before you know it. Again, may the best tank win!

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