Common Mistakes Newbies Make in Tanki X

Rate this Article What a Noob does will of course affect the way the game is being played either to the dismay or amusement of the more seasoned players, but then again, everyone has to start somewhere. Tanki X Fans - Common Mistakes Newbies Make in Tanki X

Although the rules of the game are not that difficult to learn in Tanki X, newcomers or Newbies may need a little getting used to, to be able to effectively function within the game. Being new means making mistakes and anyone will tell you that this is a natural part of the learning process. Here are some of the common mistakes Newbies make in playing Tanki X.

Not learning the controls first. It is very important before anything else to learn how to control your tank. Of course this can be learned during actual game play but a lot of wasted time and frustration can be avoided by learning how to maneuver your tank properly. The most important thing to learn and probably the most difficult is using the rotating capabilities of your turret. Once you get used to rotating while moving and firing, attacking your enemies and defending yourself will be a much easier thing to do.

Choosing the Right Loadout

Most "Noobs" usually don’t have a clear idea of what a well-matched Hull and Turret combination should be. If you’re new to the game, reading about the capabilities of tank parts is an important thing to do. You can check out articles like A Guide to Hull-Turret Combos in Tanki X and Tanki X Garage Options which will give you some ideas you can use to assemble your battle tank.

However, not everybody plays the same so some turret and hull combinations should be customized according to your game play. Choose a turret you would like to stick with then test the different hulls on it until you get the combination that works very well for you.

Choose the Right Map

Choose the right maps for your hull and turret combination is very important. Newbies tend to join any available game they can regardless of the map in use. Then, they find out that they have to do close range combat with a Rail gun and get blown to bits again and again before their gun can recharge. Even if you have the ideal hull and turret combine, if you cannot use its advantages on the map that you are playing, then it would be tantamount to useless.

If the map has large open spaces, use a hull and turret that takes advantage of this. The Railgun or Shaft coupled with a light or medium hull for fast get away (just in case you get spotted by a hunter) is a good choice. If the map has a lot of tight places and close ranged structures, better use a hull and turret well suited for close combat. A medium to heavy hull with a turret for a front, back or sideways attack like the Firebird, Freeze and Twin Guns would make a nice combination.

Close Combat Mismatch

Team Bashing

Just don't. A lot of new players find it hard to distinguish Friend from Foe. In ones immense desire to score or get even with the other side, not paying attention to the color of the bars on top of an oncoming tank will end up with a waste of time and probable flaring of tempers. Being aware of the other tanks color bars may take some time for some players to get used to. Try to remember this before your teammate gets so pissed and shouts "I'm on your side you idiot!" while shooting back at you in return.

Air Shooting or The Warning Shot

There are Newbies who would shoot right away before turning a corner and, in Tanki X, it's wise to not be too trigger-happy. Firing your gun gives away your position and alerts your opponent of your incoming presence. This will give him or her time to take evasive or defense maneuvers against you. The trick is to catch your enemy off guard and not warn them in advance.

The "What Do I Do" Tanker

When it's your first time playing the game, chances are you will not really know what to do. You'll be like a baby learning to walk the walk and talk the talk. You will probably end up doing a way lot of stupid things to the dismay of your more seasoned teammates. This include running into walls, capsizing frequently, obstructing the others, not knowing to do with the flag, etc... Thankfully, if you're willing to learn, you can easily escape from this zone and join the bulk of average Tanki X players.

Being Unaware of Your Surrounding

Tag Team Trick

When you haven't been playing the game for to long, you tend to focus your attention at your immediate opponent that is in front of you. This is a common mistake that even seasoned players tend to repeat every now and then. For newbieshowever, it's almost always. Always be aware of your six, your Ass. Your opponent will employ every trick in the book that he knows just to blow you up. Experienced players will try to loose you then double back to kick your ass while you're still looking for them. Team mates often play tag with one getting your attention and the other hitting you from behind. Again, watch your ass!

Ways of Communicating vs Griefing

There are times when you wonder why some of your teammates will take a quick shot at you or keep bumping you for no apparent reason. Most Newbies ignore this. Usually, your teammate has no way quick way of communicating with you since you don't exactly have VoIP, so they tend to hit you to get your attention rather than typing things out.

Note that getting your attention and griefing you are two different things so you will have to distinguish between the two. When a team tank passes you by and hits you with a quick shot, chances are, he probably means, "Back me up, will you?" However, if he keeps firing for no apparent reason every time you meet him on the road or intentionally flipping you over while you have the flag, he either knows you and is joking around or you probably pissed him off by doing something... or, well... he might just be a troll or a griefer.

Going Lone Wolf during Team-Based Game Play

New players most of the time don't use the chat option since they may be shy or that they may be afraid of getting flamed when they do a mistake. Either way, it's a huge no-no for a newbie no matter how "leet" he is to go solo. This is mainly because being a newbie, you are not familiar with with the game modes or even the map you're playing on. For instance, in team-based play, Capture the Flag, Capture Points and Team Death Match, it is important to support your teammates.

In most instances where there is no communication option for teamwork, actions still speak louder than words. Do not - and I repeat, DO NOT - go on your own if you want the others to support you. You have to take your team's tanks into account and when the tough gets going, show your support by fighting alongside them. Hitting the tanks that are hitting them or other friendly gestures, like trying to upturn a capsized teammate, will go a long way. You don't have to be an Isida to help your team... and if they view you as a loose screw that won't back them up, those Isidas will refuse to heal you when you need it the most.

Being unaware of your surroundings

Learn From Your Mistakes - Don't Be A Repeater

When in the midst of an intense Tank combat, sooner or later you are bound to get fried. Most newbies tend to ignore the reasons why they got fried in the first place. Once an opponent finds out that he can fry you, specifically you, by doing what he did, he will try to do it over and over again for an easy kill and continual score. If you are not aware and realize this, you will repeatedly fall into his trap.

A change of tactic most of the time does the trick or you may have to change your hull and turret combo to match that of his. Usually, when he knows you know and you have the ability to get even, the bully will always think twice before striking again. Sometimes, it takes but a single payback to scare him away.

These are but a few of the common mistakes new tankers make in Tanki X. There are a lot more and some of them are individual mistakes some Newbies do that others don't, so making a fool of one self as a Noob is normally on a case to case basis. Just be reminded however that everyone goes through these blunders one way or the other at some point in ones gaming career. There is no shame in being labeled a Noob or a Newbie especially in a game like Tanki X which is a community based online game play.

As for those players who think they know everything and have little patience and tolerance for Newbies, they on the other hand should be ashamed of themselves. The game is for everyone so if you're still a Newbie, just simply apologize for your short comings and let your team know that you're new. Most of them will be gracious and patient to show you the ropes. After all, the best and most amusing Tanki X game plays are made by the Noobs. Again, Newbie or not, may the best tank win!

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