Tanki X: Paint for Stealth Tactics

Rate this Article Tanki X Tanki rely on experience, skill, and fast combat tactics. Using paint to disguise your tank in combination with those tactics can provide a stealth advantage over your opponents. Tanki X Fans - Tanki X: Paint for Stealth Tactics

As you can use paint to spice up the look of your tank, so can you use it to make it a little bit harder for your enemy to spot you. There are times when you need to apply a little bit of sneakiness to gain the upper hand in certain combat situations.

Using stealth tactics like camping and ambush attacks are part of the game since a frontal assault against certain opponent may be impractical and foolhardy to even attempt. Using tactics like hiding behind structures and every nook and crevice in the map you can use to your advantage may land you the kill you’ve been waiting for.

Paint can play a big role in this since specific paints when used with certain Building is just like building in maps with certain environments can render your tank unnoticeable or harder to spot. This should work pretty well theoretically but unfortunately it seems the game was designed in a way that doesn’t really take advantage of this particular feature. An example would be the health and weapon ready bars which sit above your tank for all to see.

This alone proves a very dead giveaway to a tank trying to conceal itself. Your tank would have been effectively concealed but those bars sticking out will show on top of the bushes, trees, rocks or landscape you are trying so hard to use to your advantage.

There are a lot of Camouflage paints available for Tanki X Tanki players to use on their tanks. Sad to say, many of the maps do not provide an advantage for using this. Camouflage is a form of visual deception that is suppose to give you an advantage over your opponent. It works by decreasing your enemies view range around your tank by a certain percentage. The paint is suppose to do that.

Tanki X Camo Tank

Despite the difficulty of hiding ones tank in the background, you can still use stealth and camouflage disguise tactics to trick unobservant opponents who are usually in a hurry or absentmindedly roaming around, not noticing you until it would be too late for them.

Some of the Tanki camouflage paints available would be the Forester, Swamp, Winter and Desert paints with patterns that can blend with certain locations in the map. Simple single colors like black, green or white would do well for dark maps like night combat and winter maps where the color white (camo or plain) should be harder to spot.

Sad to say you will have to find a perfect spot that will not only hide your tank but those floating bars above you. Until the developers can find a way around this if they intend to make camouflage paint an important part of the game, otherwise the actual use of stealth painting would end up mostly useless and be relegated to the look good feel good part of the game.

Tanki X: The perfect camouflage

Currently, camouflaging your tank in Tanki X Tanki is still very useful specially if you have a sniper tank and shoot at your opponents from afar. Maps that require the enemy tanks to travel some distance to get to your flag in CTF mode may have walls with textures where your camouflaged tank would be hard to spot. They would probably see the target paint on them but may have difficulty spotting you in return. If you’ve got a white wall, use a white tank, if you’ve got some greenery or fauna mixed with ice, use winter camouflage. If you’ve got a dark tunnel entrance to hide in, use a black or dark colored tank.

Paint can only do so much to hide you in the game. Camouflage designs look real cool so even if the paint doesn’t help much, you can always rely on Stealth tactics to help you out and make your game. The main disadvantage in using stealth where camping, ambushing and even hiding are categorized into, is that you may have to wait for some time for your intended victim to pass you by. Precious time lost if you’re running after your score and game standing. If however you’re playing for the team and being at the bottom of the match is not an issue, by all means, use stealth for the win of the team. You may not get such a high score but you would have proven the use of military tactics in the game. Knowledge gained is knowledge earned.

Try to learn the ins and outs of the map you frequently play as this will give you the opportunity to use stealth and deception on your enemies. Each map has it’s own number of places where one can hide, or routes to follow that will least alert your opponents to your specific whereabouts until you suddenly pop up and hit them.

So until more Tanki X Tanki maps come out that give players more opportunities to hide their tanks and those obtrusive bars above them, we’ll have to make do with whatever stealth and disguise we can employ and squeeze out of the game. For now, may the best tank win!

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