Tanki X: Paint and Skin Options

Rate this Article In Tanki X Tanki, you can make your tank look so good that it stands out among the rest. For whatever reasons you may have in doing so, the way your tank looks will not only affect you but those around you. Tanki X Fans - Tanki X: Paint and Skin Options

Paint through the ages has been used for a lot of reasons but regardless of why people paint things, there seems to be two reasons that stand out.

The first has something to do with looking pleasant or simply to be seen. For something to stand out and attract attention, maybe not just for personal liking but perhaps broader reasons. Why would they color a stop sign red or a danger sign bright yellow, but to attract attention in the first place. Painting a fighter Jet with the markings of its country of origin like an American Flag would inform the looker that it’s American in origin.

The second major reason would be the inverse of the first. If you can use paint to attract attention, you can certainly use it to hide from attention. To be somewhat invisible to a degree, to go on unnoticed. The art of Stealth and disguise uses paint for this exact purpose.

In the game of Tanki X Tanki (Tanki X and Tanki Online), the players or Tankers are given lots of options when painting their tanks regardless of which reasons they want to do so. These reasons whatsoever will definitely fall within the 2 categories mentioned above. To show the whole world your sparkling cool dude of a tank or to make it as invisible as possible for tactical gameplay and probably get away with blowing your opponent up before he or she can notice you in the corner and react accordingly.

For this article, we will discuss the first category and leave the latter (Stealth) for discussion in another article. Stealth is difficult to achieve in Tanki as your tank is not only obtrusive in shape but noisy as well. For now, let’s put tactics aside and discuss the options available to make one’s tank the grooviest, meanest or craziest badass talk of the town.

Tanki X Tanki Skin and Paints

To make your tank stand out, you’ve got 2 options. Paint and Skins. Paint is paint that you apply to your tank regardless of the turret or hull you use. If you have a mean Dictator hull and Thunder turret combo and you paint it with Pink or a flowery design like Sakura or put hearts all over it, the other tankers will have their own respective views about the owner of the tank. Probably female, in between or a refugee from Woodstock.

If you color your tank with dark colors or those psychedelic, psychotic and sinister designs like Dragon or Lava or simply plain Black, others will react in their own (this tanker looks really bad) sort of way. The colors you choose will somehow affect the way the others will perceive you, specially if they are not familiar with you and get to play with you for the first time.

Psycho Tank in Tanki X Tanki

Psychologically, looks can really intimidate even if your tank has a light hull and not so powerful turret. Performance however is another thing and will cause the players to be aware as the game moves on. Hey, watch out for that tank with hearts, it’s dangerous or that dragon tank isn’t so bad, let’s gang up on it.

Skins on the other hand are customized looks for turrets and hulls. Examples of these are the Steel. Gold and Lrgendary designs available. Both Tanki Online and Tanki X have their sets of available skins. Tanki X skins however are way more attractive as they do use superior graphics and animations (like smoke belching from exhausts and LED designer lights) compared to Tanki Online.

Tanki X has the XT design skins which are really way way cool. But remember that the really groovy skins and paints (for both games) will cost a little more than the regular ones. Also, some custom paints and skins require you to be at a certain rank or level to be even available for purchase. From the regular crystals you can earn from grinding in game to purchasing X Crystals in Tanki X with your plastic card, these advanced customizations will definitely cost.

Tanki X Tanki XT Design

Both Steel and Gold designs will give you a variety of Tank looks for the turrets and hulls you can use in different combinations. The game’s adage “Build Your Own Tank” really applies to the amount of options and combinations that can make your tank stand out among the rest. However, most players would rather not spend and grind their way up to the point where they can afford these skins. Regardless, chances are you will meet one to several of these sleek looking machines in the battlefield.

If you can spend or have acquired the crystals to do so, for the sake of appearance, choose your design options wisely. Depending on the reasons for choosing such designer paint or skins, keep in mind that they affect the others playing and use it to your advantage. Your tank may look so good but if your performance is really poor, the other tankers may not think highly of you, will recognize you and will react accordingly.

Hopefully, as time goes on, the developers will open up the game to player customization options which would allow players to modify and create their own skins for use in game like the proven and tested marketable mod options in CounterStrike. The ability to use team logos or personalized player trademarks would definitely go a long way in the artistic and aesthetic value of the game. For now, we can always avail of the plethora of in game design choices as Tanki X Tanki continuous to evolve into the ultimate Online Tank games they are meant to be. Till then, may the best tank win!

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