The Social Aspects in Tanki X

Rate this Article Tanki X may be an online third person slugfest but regardless, there is a social side to the game. Let’s explore the possibilities for socialization in Tanki X.
Tanki X Fans - The Social Aspects in Tanki X

Despite the fast-paced nature of competitive multiplayer games, a lot of players make it a point to make friends and communicate with each other outside of the game. There is, after all, a social aspect to gaming as people have the natural tendency to congregate with others who have the same interest usually at actual familiar social hang-outs like pubs and eateries after say a game of bowling or basketball.

Competitive multiplayer online games are no different. Despite the online or “being on the internet” nature of the venue, players will find sites where they will be able to chat, ask questions, present and exchange ideas or simply make new friends. The scope of current social media does include computer gaming as one of the foremost topics of popular interest.

Tanki X is no exception. As it is a multiplayer online shooter, the topics of discussion would center around certain aspects of the game in a similar way to other MMOFPS games. A social Facebook group or official forum would look somewhat similar to other gaming groups for other FPS games like say CounterStrike where fans, players, and supporters will come together in support of teams, clans and the game in general.

First of the list where players can talk to each other would be within the game itself. Of course, the competitive atmosphere during the fast-paced and violent nature of the game would restrict the social aspect of the interaction. Nevertheless, there is communication between the players. Tanki X provides a chat side window where you can choose to talk to everyone or with your team members only.

Unfortunately, many players find it difficult to avoid getting toxic with the opposing team or even their own teammates at times. It is somewhat common for young people and young minded adults to have difficulty restraining themselves from trolling or snapping back at an unpleasant comment. Tanki X server management has imposed restrictions and rules of conduct regarding these, that those who would rather troll than team-talk will soon find themselves banned from the game.

Outside of the game, the first source of informative communication would be the official sites and forums. These can be accessed from the Tanki X main page. Forums vary depending on topic and players can ask questions and/or share their views. Sites contain updates and announcements like ongoing contests and promotions or new game features and bug fixes that players should know about. An example would be the Funny Chat contest or the new tank paints recently made available within the game. Though official sites focus more on providing pertinent information, players can say what’s on their mind or report about the gameplay from their point of view.

Funny Chat in Tanki X

Third in line would be social media. Of course, as far as the internet is concerned, this would be the best place for the players to congregate and socialize with each other. Whenever social media is mentioned, both Twitter and Facebook come to mind. Topics can be placed on Twitter for discussion where players can post their tweets. Facebook has a wider scope as players can create Tanki X groups for teams or clans as well as pages for communities and associations connected to the game.

Facebook is an extensive social media and networking platform where both audio and video information, as well as pictures and text, can be shared about the game. It is also a guaranteed way of promoting the game to prospective players as FB groups tend to recruit new members. It is also the place where fights erupt due to misunderstandings and misgivings about the game as members tend to accuse the other side of cheating or using hacks. At this point, group admins and moderators play an important role in breaking up these arguments and trolling and restore order to the group.

Being online, however, does give the advantage of avoiding physical fights that can ensue between two argumentative teams in a pub or bar. Tanki X has an official Facebook page as well as an unofficial FB group as well as various clan and community groups like Tanki X/Online Georgia which has a whooping membership of around 7,000 members.

Aside from popular social media, both unofficial and accredited third-party blogs and community sites lend a hand in bolstering the perpetuation of the game as well as establish a supportive way for players to relate to the game. Blogs, articles, pictures, videos, and reviews provide pertinent information and discussions that would be valuable to those playing and planning to play the game. The Tanki community site (this site) provides one of the best sources of information for Tanki X.

Finally, nothing beats the let’s play videos. Videos of the game, well, almost about every aspect of the game can be found on You Tube. Comments, reactions, questions, sharing of ideas and so forth complete the entire information and socialization package for a player of Tanki X. If there is any aspect of Tanki X you would want to know or get to know about the people playing it, chances are you’ll find it on YouTube.

To sum it up, the process of online socialization has a much wider scope than meeting your Tanki X teammates at the dinner for a cup of coffee or the pub for drinks. Media, information, ideas, and opinions are exchange via online social network and information platforms. Also, most of the people you talk to are located far far away from you. Regardless, whatever online social medium you choose, you will likely end up making friends (or enemies) one way or the other. Till then, may the best tank win!

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