Features Like Turret: Isida Most Played Features Like Turret: Isida

Isida is the only dual purpose turret in Tanki X - it can both repair and destroy a tank! Turret: Freeze 10 Turret: Freeze If the "cold doesn't bother you anyway", you'd love this amazing turret, the Freeze gun! Turret: Smoky 10 Turret: Smoky Despite being the "default" gun in TankiX, Smoky is surprisingly a pretty well-rounded turret that even high level players use frequently. Turret: Firebird 8 Turret: Firebird If you think you are a pyromaniac at heart, you will definitely love destroying your enemies with this turret - the napalm-spewing Firebird!
Turret: Ricochet 7 Turret: Ricochet Use the Ricochet gun to bounce your plasma shots off walls to hit your enemies! Turret: Twins 9 Turret: Twins Deal twice as much damage at a higher firing rate with the Twins! Turret: Shaft 9 Turret: Shaft If the Railgun is the type of turret a player, who loves sniping in games, likes to use, then the Shaft would be an even better choice due to its optical scope. Turret: Vulcan 9 Turret: Vulcan Send a hail of fire-spitting bullets at your enemies with the Vulcan!
Turret: Thunder 10 Turret: Thunder Almost like a Smoky with slightly explosive shells, many would agree that the Thunder is an excellent choice when it comes to mid-ranged combat. Turret: Hammer - Turret: Hammer If you like getting all up in your enemies' personal space and shooting them in the face, this turret - the Hammer - is perfect for you! Turret: Railgun - Turret: Railgun If sniping enemies is the story of your gaming life, then you'll absolutely love this turret, the Railgun!

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Most Played Features Like Turret: Isida Most Played Features Like Turret: Isida

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