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Send a hail of fire-spitting bullets at your enemies with the Vulcan!
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With features that alike to the Gatling gun, the Vulcan is a similar-looking turret with the highest firing speed in TankiX. Besides perfectly suited for mid-ranged fights, it also has pretty good accuracy and stability, making it quite difficult to knock off the aim of a Vulcan. You don't even need to reload when firing this turret.

You can't exactly take cover in between shots since you will need to maintain visual on your target in order for you to send a steady stream of bullets their way. Due to this, your tank must be able to take substantial punishment from your opponent, and hence, it is highly recommended that you use a heavy hull with the Vulcan.

However, similar to other rapid-firing guns, the Vulcan can and will overheat if it fires continuously for an extended period of time. Overheating doesn't only stop you from being able to fire; it will also damage your tank!

Not to mention, the damage it can deal decreases over distance. So, although technically you can use it to fire at an enemy from afar, you probably won't be doing a whole lot of damage even if you managed to hit it.

Since turret rotation speed decreases when firing, you'll also need to make sure that you've got a clear shot before you start firing.

Due to the the high skill level required, newer players should not buy the Vulcan turret at least until they have maybe around 100 hours invested in the game and have purchased a heavy hull to match.

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