A Guide to Hull-Turret Combos in Tanki X

Rate this Article Choosing the best hull and turret combination may seem confusing but the trick is to find combinations that fit your play style. Understanding the pros and cons of the available hulls and turrets as well as 5 of the most popular combines may help you decide. Tanki X Fans - A Guide to Hull-Turret Combos in Tanki X

Whenever one drives through a battlefield in Tanki X, an encounter with an enemy tank is imminent and the results will mostly depend upon 2 things. Your skill and your tank.

Having the right weapon at the right time is the most ideal condition one would definitely hope for but that is not always the case. You are bound to meet other players with comparable or better skills than you and having a tank that can at least match or outrun your opponent is something you have to plan for.

In Tanki X as well as in its predecessor Tanki Online, a tank is basically composed of 2 major components. First is the turret that holds the gun and rotates and the second is the hull or body of the tank that holds the engine. The game contains 12 different guns and 7 available hulls to choose from.

From these, you can design a tank combo or combination of any hull and turret you choose and develop your game play skill and mastery by pitting your tank combo against your opponents in the battlefield. Be mindful however that certain turret-hull combinations work better than others. Choosing that perfect for you combination is the difficult part especially when you’re still new to the game.

Let’s first discuss the turrets, the rotating gun part of the tank. We have to understand how the different guns can be put to good use in order to make an educated if not practical choice as to which one to use for optimal results. Tanki X and Tanki guns can be divided into 4 types. They are Close Combat, Short Range, Medium and Long Range. All 4 types have their pros and cons and some overlap each other in terms of usability.

Close Combat guns are those who are effective only at close range. These are the up close and personal weapons where the back and side is the best place to pummel your opponent. Three guns are listed under this category. The Firebird, a close range flame thrower that burns the enemy tank and continually damages it after the attack even if it manages to escape your assault. The Freeze Gun which freezes the enemy tank and immobilizes it while it continually takes heavy damage.

Then there’s the Isida, a weapon entirely in its class that shoots out an electrical charge which drains the enemy’s armor and heals itself at the same time. The weapon also functions as a field repair kit when used on allied tanks restoring them to battle condition.

Short range guns include the Hammer, Twins and Ricochet. These are effective from close combat range to a short distance away (line of sight). The Hammer functions like a high caliber shotgun. It uses a 3 shell projectile clip and will have to reload after that. This gun requires 2 reload delays, one after firing a shell and another to reload the 3 shell clip. The Ricochet which shoot out powerful projectile bolts that can ricochet to hit opponents that are hiding behind walls and structures. Using this gun is like playing pool where you ricochet the Q ball to hit a fire in the hole.

Finally, the Twins, the most versatile gun among the three. Though it does less damage per bolt, it doesn’t need to reload giving out a continual burst of fire. It does not overheat and it can be used up close or at a short distance. Being hit by a twin bolt is like being pelted by a barrage of armor piercing rocks.

For Mid-Range guns you also have a choice of 4, the Smokey, Thunder, and Vulcan a.k.a. Gatling Gun. The Smoky is like your standard tank canon that fires a single shell round which has to be reloaded every time. The Vulcan operates on the Gatling gun principle, rapidly spitting out a stream of armor piercing bullets that can rapidly drain a tank’s armor if not evaded right away.

It however has a serious drawback as it tends to overheat and damage itself in the process. Also there is a delay before actual firing as the gun’s cylinder has to spin first which is time enough for a Twin Bolt to pelt you to death if it catches you off-guard. Finally, the Thunder gives the strongest punch of the three. This gun uses shells that not only damage its intended target but the other tanks in the immediate vicinity as well. Caution must be taken to use this at a little distance away as it can also damage your tank if used at very close range.

If you play Tanki Online, you'll also know about the Rocket Launcher, which unfortunately has not yet been released in Tanki X. That said, it’s a cool weapon for both short and mid-range. It does have to reload and paint the target before releasing its barrage of rockets which will surely toast the intended target. Just like the others, if you get caught off-guard while reloading, you’re the one that’s going to get toasted.

The last category in the gun department are the Long Range weapons. There are 2 of them to choose from, the Railgun and the Shaft. Both are effective at mid to long range and paint their target for a sure hit. The Railgun
delivers a powerful punch but requires time to reheat its charge and is exposed to powerful closed range attacks.

The Shaft is far better as a sniper weapon as it can scope the target, paint it and blow it up from a very far away distance. Long range weapons are best in a guarded and allied supported area where close range defenders and Isida support abound. If you can Camo your tank and remain hidden just like a sniper, well and good.

Tanki X: Popular Hulls and TurretsNew Image

We now move on to the hulls. These are divided into 3 categories, Light, Medium and Heavy. Light hulls are the fastest and most maneuverable. Medium hulls are the most versatile with enough armor to last a little longer and Heavy hulls are for those who probably would rather focus on sniping at a distance or require little movement. They are heavily armored but their speed or rather the lack of it makes them vulnerable to short and close range attacks from guerilla type players.

In the light category, we have the Wasp and the Hornet. Small, compact and fast designed for hit and run sorties and tactics that require speed and fast get away. Unfortunately, these hulls are not armored enough to last very long. A direct hit from a strong upgraded gun will usually do you in before you can get any further.

Medium hulls are the most versatile of the lot and the most used. These include the Titan, the Viking and the Hunter Tank. All 3 are armored enough to score a couple to several hits before blowing up. The Viking is the speediest of them and because it has the lowest vertical measurement among the hulls, it is the most difficult to flip or overturn.

The most versatile however is the Hunter, just as its namesake, this hull is ideal for tanks that hunt. A little slower than the Viking but faster when it comes to acceleration and perfect for hit and run assaults. A hunter with upgraded speed can usually outrun or outmaneuver an opponent if used skillfully in times when the Hunter becomes the hunted.

Heavy hulls are Mammoth and the Dictator. With these hulls, armor is the name of the game and nothing more. You cannot outrun an opponent with these kinds of hulls but you can bully your way through a frontal assault or close combat fight, that is if it gets to you. Good for guarding flags and staying behind allied lines and sniping the enemy from afar, pretty much useless when speed is concerned. Also, the Dictator requires the highest vertical clearance among the hulls so the gun tends to hit above your opponents tank in a close range fight as well as sticks out as a target just like a duck. Apologies for the pun but they should have named it "The Ducktator". Come to think of it, it kind of looks like a quack…err duck.

So there you have it, the various Hulls and Turrets of Tanki X and Tanki. Based on the information above, it wouldn’t be hard to understand why most players would prefer some tank combos over the others. Honestly, there is no way to know if a certain hull and turret combo is the best for you until you have tried it, liked it and developed skill and mastery with it. Here however are 5 of the most popular ones which players use with the various maps of the game. Also, some players tend to vary their combos depending on the map and role they play. They may play a hunter tank on one map and change to a sniper on another. Player experience and skill coupled with the right combo usually becomes the deciding factor.

Let’s start with player preference for Long Range Guns. The Shaft outweighs the Railgun. Choice of hull is usually light whether Wasp or Hornet. The Heavy hulls would be ideal but it seems players would rather risk a less-armored hull in case of the absence of support tanks and they need to get away quickly. Survival is, after all, the key to having a high K/D ratio.

If you want to try using Isida, be sure to couple it with a medium hull so your tank can weather through some damage while healing an ally. Given its ability to attack as well as heal, this turret has become a favorite among many players who would rather take on a support role rather than an aggressive one.

When it comes to close ranged turrets like Firebird and Freeze, it is best to pick a medium hull, either Viking or Hunter, so your tank can take some hits and still have enough speed to maneuver.

For Ricochet, most players use it with a medium hull. A lot of players use this either because it’s kind of useful or they love to see those bolts bounce here, there and everywhere.

Finally, the Twins turret is said to be the most versatile weapon when coupled with a medium hull. No loading, no heating and no limit to your ammo and you get all the benefits of using a medium hull. Sweet!

Just remember to choose the combo that fits your play style. What may work for others may not work for you so you have to decide which one and continually use it until you are confident enough with it to say with a slight smirk... may the best tank win!

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