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This section includes all the Paints you can get for your tank in Tanki X. Paints: Pink 8 Paints: Pink Pink is no longer the color reserved exclusively for females - introducing the bright pink tank paint! Paints: Green - Paints: Green Although it is the de-facto default paint, there is a very good reason why the Green paint persists long after a new player lost his/her "newbie" status. Paints: Orange - Paints: Orange Why would anyone want to paint a figurative bulls-eye on their tank that other players could spot from miles away? Well, let's find out!
Paints: Red - Paints: Red Red might be the warpaint of choice for most tribes, but in Tanki X, it's an excellent camouflage paint for desert-themed maps. Paints: Blue 9 Paints: Blue Although the Blue paint doesn't exactly have a lot of use as a camouflage paint, it is a favorite color for quite a majority of players in Tanki X. Paints: Dirt - Paints: Dirt Looking for a darker version of the orange paint? Well, the Dirt paint might just be the paint you need! Paints: Needle 10 Paints: Needle If you're heading to a map with plenty of open grassy land, you might want to opt for a Needle paint instead!
Paints: Inferno - Paints: Inferno Offering zero camouflage value, the paint Inferno is only famous among some of the players of Tanki X because of its "cool" appearance. Paints: Swamp - Paints: Swamp Despite its pretty ugly appearance, the Swamp paint is incredibly useful as a camouflage. Paints: Storm - Paints: Storm Looking to meld into the shadows? Well, the Storm paint is what you need!

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