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The various maps that Tanki X has to offer. Map: Massacre 10 Map: Massacre Crater-riddled and shrubs-covered, the map Massacre may look quite plain at first look, but the intricacies of its map design can be felt once the battle starts. Map: Silence 9 Map: Silence A map that’s situated in an industrial complex, Silence is mainly consisted of tricky ramps, multiple ambush spots, high grounds and a tunnel that’s perfect for flanking. Map: Kungur 10 Map: Kungur Being what feels like the largest map available in Tanki X, Kungur is a sophisticatedly-designed map that’s filled with buildings, overpasses and other elevated grounds, along with a sneaky trench in the middle.
Map: Sandbox 10 Map: Sandbox Sandbox is perhaps the most straightforward map you can find in Tanki X. It’s simple in its design and yet the matches you play in it can be equally as challenging. Map: Rio 10 Map: Rio What better way to celebrate the Rio Olympics 2016 than to create a Rio-themed map in Tanki X for players to enjoy battling in? Map: Iran 5.5 Map: Iran With plenty of flat-roofed buildings for you to get up to and an absolutely beautiful oasis in this desolate and dusty land, the Iran map is a map that’s designed for combat on the ground, below ground and even above ground! Map: West Prime - Map: West Prime Located in a huge indoor power plant of sorts, West Prime is the only map in Tanki X that features a much darker game environment.

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Map: Massacre game Map: Silence game Map: Kungur game Map: Sandbox game Map: Rio game Map: Iran game